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Space Availability

Reserving a Room at the Learning Center

The LC Rooms are located in the Learning Center on the second floor of 150 Massachusetts Ave., behind the Library.

Suggested Uses:

  • Movie/Video Screening for Classes, Clubs, etc.
  • Music/Video Production
  • Small Group Study/Meeting Space
  • Music Technology Class Instruction
  • LAN Video Game parties


  • Seats 12 - 20 [Varies by Room]
  • Can accommodate up to 30 with some standing

Please Note: 

  • LC rooms are not acoustically treated, and the volume level of 80dBSPL cannot be exceeded.
  • The rooms cannot be used as ensemble/rehearsal spaces. 
  • No drum set or amplified instruments are allowed.
  • Due to the density of other activities in the area, the noise level will be monitored/maintained.

Reservation Limits:

  • You may reserve from 1-3 hours per booking.
  • You may make up to 2 bookings per week for a maximum of 6 hours per week. 

Any questions regarding appropriate use of the LC rooms, please contact us. 


  1. Choose the start time from the calendar
  2. Select up to two additional hours from the dropdown below the calendar
  3. Click "Submit Times"
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